Sape Exchange has learned to define "basement"

Опубликовано: 12.02.2020

Sape exchange has learned to determine the "basement" of links which can be a very, very good source of income for a webmaster.

Many webmasters create sites specifically for this exchange. Who then sells such sites, who makes money with their help himself - it does not matter. The main thing is that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sites in the system, and the revenues here are appropriate. The other day there was news that should be paid attention to all webmasters who want to maintain their current income level. You may also be interested get youtube views, more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the link.

So, the system has learned to determine the "basement" of links. That is, if you place links on a site in the footer, the “basement,” then the system displays a message to both the owner of the site and someone who would like to place a link on this site. The essence of the message is “basement links”. Accordingly, if a potential buyer of a link on a site sees such a message, he is likely to refuse to buy.

In general, the idea is good, if not for one “but”. As usual, the first pancake turned out to be lumpy, and the system defines as basement not only links placed in the footer, but also links that are placed at the bottom of the sidebar. Checking is done automatically, without the participation of moderators of the system. If you see the inscription “links in the basement” near your site in the system, you should not worry so far, because this function is still only being tested.

If you still decide to move links to higher places on your site, then you should request a check (also automatic) after such an action. I personally tried it - the system really correctly determined that the links are already on top, and the inscription "links in the basement" disappeared. However, there were no links in the basement on my sites - I placed them at the bottom of the sidebar. And the inscription, it turns out, appeared erroneously.

If you have already started to get nervous because of this news, and you have increased pressure, it is worth taking "Egilok". Just remember - Egilok and alcohol are incompatible, just like GS and SDL. In general, I advise you to wait until the verification algorithm is established, and then something can already be done.